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Monday through Sunday, 9 AM till 9 PM.


(+420) 601 310 615
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MANUFAFTURA is a unique 100% Czech concept of branded stores with own original cosmetics and accessories for unique home spa. Why home spa? We live in hectic times full of stress, tension and bustle. A pleasant ritual of home spa with a lit candle, scented bath, invigorating shower, massage, tea or other pampering will help you unbind from daily problems, achieve physical and mental relief and just relax for a while. The original recipe and high quality products utilize beneficial effects of traditional natural Czech ingredients - Czech beer and hop extracts, Carlsbad thermal salt, wine and extracts of grape, apricot, plum and other fruit and herbs typical to our countryside. Attractive accessories for home spa - tea, candles, massage equipment, china etc. are custom made in collaboration with traditional, high-quality Czech producers, whom Manufaktura always puts in first place in terms of co-operation.

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Opening hours
Opening hours
Monday through Sunday, 9 AM till 9 PM

Phone : +420 225 437 100